SoftWright LLC TAP™ Activation Portal

This portal is for activating TAP™ licenses on computers that do not have direct internet access.  If the computer on which TAP™ is installed does have internet access then you may simply enter the license code and click the Activate button within your TAP™ software. 

If your TAP™ computer does not have internet access then click the button in TAP™ to Get Activation Certificate.  Paste or enter the Activation Certificate (a long alpha-numeric code) from your TAP software into the box below.  Click the ‘Activate’ button below the code.  If the code is correct then you will be shown a License code.  Please take the license code back to your offline TAP™ computer and enter it in the box provided.  Click ‘Activate’ within TAP™ to fully activate your licensed TAP software. 

Activation Certificate